One of the ongoing issues always concerns humans is the idea of being overweight. People try many sources to lose weight fast and get rid of the excess weight. Many advertised funds of losing weight are not supported by health departments and a lot of people waste money in a vain.The Grand Sport complex’s physician-nutritionists appeal to you balanced and trustworthy means of losing weight and having a slim body.

Reading different dietary articles makes us more and more confused. Therefore, we offer you our “special & exclusive diet” program for a healthy body.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of your overall healthy eating plan. They are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber and low in fat and calories. Some people avoid eating carrot, banana, and grapes thinking that they are high in sugars. On the contrary, these fruits are very useful in maintaining proper blood sugar levels in the body. Other people overuse coffee thinking that caffeine speeds up the metabolism.

The best way of losing weight is to consume low fat food, being informed of the healthy nutrition that your body needs and which of the foods to stay away from. In this way you will start making changes to your lifestyle without any damage to your health.
Addressing this, Grand Sport’s physician-nutritionists have developed a special service named”healthy weight loss”. The secret of “healthy weight loss” is healthy food, sports, willingness, and desire to get the healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to lose weight or to keep a healthy lifestyle? The Grand Sport’s physician-nutritionists offer you a few helpful tips:

1- Buy cool color tableware. This will reduce your appetite, and choose warm color food, which will saturate and accelerate the metabolism.

2- Eat only when you are hungry.

3- Never go shopping while hungry.

4- Do physical exercises everyday (take a walk, swim, bike, fitness, especially breathing gym, yoga.)

5- Drink mineral water, green/fruit tea, or a little of fresh fruit in the period between lunch and dinner.

6- Eat slowly and savior the taste. This will help you to eat less and speed up digestion.

7- Sit while you are eating. Never eat while standing, it will subconsciously grant you permission to eat more, and cost you unwanted calories.

8- Never ignore your breakfast. It will regulate your metabolism, burn the extra calories, and give you the strength and energy to spend your whole day.